Name: Lee Ann Peluso, driver

Co-racer’s name: Chris Reindl, throttles

Boat Name: Early Detection Racing

Port of Call: Las Vegas, Nev.

Boat make/model: 24 ft., 2000 Reindl, One Design, V-Hull, “bat boat” with a patented wing design by Ocke Mannerfelt.  

Shootout Race Classification: PV1S1B

Horsepower: 570 HP

Modifications: None

Fastest Speed: 112 mph

Notable Races/Wins:

2013 OPA Offshore Champion

2014 LOZ Shootout Division Champion 88 mph

2014 Lake Race Second Place in Division  

2014 OPA National Champion Class 6

2014 OPA World Champion Class 6

2014 APBA US 1 Offshore National High Point Winner Class 6  

Sponsor(s): Ilmor Racing Engines, Plymouth, Mich., Reindl Powerboats Offshore Racing Experience LLC., Extreme Racing Experience.    

Business: Critical Care RN

Family: Single


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