Racer Name: Eliot Gray (Owner/Driver)

Co Racer: Son, Ryan Gray

Boat Name: “Batman” - Official Coast Guard name “Here We Go”  

Port of Call: Brighton, Ill.  

Boat Make/Model: 44 ft. MTI Twin Mercury 1075 Supercharged V8 engines, Mercury Surface Drive

Shootout Race Classification: NC5S2R

Horsepower: 2,150 HP

Modifications: Stock 2008

Fastest Speed: 157 mph  

Notable Races/Wins:

2014 National & World OPA Champion Class 2

2014 OPA Class 2 Champion St. Clair, Mich.  

2014 OPA Class 2 Champion Detroit, Mich.

2014 OPA Class 2 Champion Port Huron, Mich.

2013 Offshore Super Series Champion - Lake Race First Place Pro Am 1

Sponsor(s): Eliot Gray Construction Inc., Brighton, Ill.

Business: (Owner) Excavating, foundations, custom home building and remodeling.

Family: Married to Chris, daughter Tara Melissa, and sons Jake and Ryan


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