Driver: Tony Chiarmonte

Boat make/model: 35 ft. 2017 DCB Performance Boats M-35 with Twin Turbo Mercury Racing 1550 Engines

Boat Name: No Boundaries

Port of Call: Broken Bow, OK

Lake Race Classification: MC3P2R

Horsepower: 3100 hp

Modifications: Factory Mercury Racing Engine, Runs on Sunoco 112 Octane Racing Gas with a Turnkey Racing Package: Mercury racing dual fuel engines that can run on 91 octane and produce 1350 hp each, or if you want more hp you can put in a key fob and 112 octane racing gas and produce 1550 hp on both sides.

Highest Speed: 180’s

Notable Races/Runs/Wins:

2017 LOTO Shootout MC3P2R Top Gun 167 mph

2017 Grand Lake Challenge Top Gun in Class 170 in ¾ mile

2016 LOTO Shootout Top Gun Manufactured Cat 173 mph

Sponsor(s): DCB Performance Boats

Business: Partner/Owner, DCB Performance Boats

Family: Married to Amy, three children


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