Brent McCormick

Driver: Brent McCormick

Boat make/model: 1997 35 ft. Fountain Lighting, Signature Series, 1,050 hp, twin 565 cubic inch, 1071 Supercharged big block Chevrolets.

Boat Name: Big Show

Port of Call: Omaha, Neb.

Lake Race Classification: Bravo V

Horsepower: 2,100 hp

Modifications: BDS 10-71 Superchargers, Latham Hydraulic Steering, Laser Straightened and Smoothed Hull, J and E Pistons, Dart Block and Dart Heads, Callies Crank, Carillo Rods, Jesel Belt Drive Timing Set Up

Highest Speed: 110 mph

Notable Races/Runs/Wins:

2017 LOTO Shootout Top Gun Bravo V 101 mph

Sponsor(s): Cottonwood Cove, Blair Nebraska, CT Engine and Chassis, Fremont, Nebraska

Business: Local 798 Union Pipeliner

Family: Girlfriend Vicki McVay (support team)


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