Driver: Tony Battiato

Throttleman: John Cosker

Boat make/model: 2013 51 ft. Mystic, Capsulized Carbon Fiber Boat with four 600 cubic-inch Lightning Performance Engines

Boat Name: American Ethanol

Port of Call: Easton, Ill.

Shootout Race Classification: PC6P4R

Horsepower: 9,000 hp

Modifications: Vortec Superchargers, Arneson Drives, SCS gear boxes, Herring props. Converted to run on Renegade E85 Ethanol

Highest Speed: 217 mph at the 2016 LOTO Shootout

Notable Races/Runs/Wins:

2017 GLOC Shootout Overall Top Gun 200 mph

2017 LOTO Shootout Overall Top Gun To 204 mph

2016 LOTO Shootout PC6P4R Class 217 mph

2016 GLOC Shootout Top Gun 206 mph

2015 LOTO Shootout Top Gun 208 mph

2013 & 2014 Don Onken LOTO Shootout Class Champion with this Mystic

Pre-2012 LOTO Shootout Don Onken owned other boats that also won in their classes

2008 – 2017 LOTO Shootout Undefeated in Class

Sponsor(s): American Ethanol and Big Thunder Marine

Business: Onken’s Inc., Onken’s American Recyclers, Inc., Onken Farms

Tony Battiato: Mechanic, Big Thunder Marine, LOTO.

John Cosker: Owner, Mystic Powerboats, Deland, Fla.

A Mystic has won at the LOTO Shootout every year since 2005, except for 2012 when there wasn't a Mystic at the Shootout. So, that is 13 out of the last 14 years.


Tony: Married to Jessica with one daughter

John: Married to Robin with two children


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