The Lake of the Ozarks Shootout has rocketed to success in every way since moving from Shooters 21 to Captain Ron’s Bar and Grill in Sunrise Beach. Twelve years after being handed over to the directorship of Ron Duggan, the nation’s largest unsanctioned boat race has grown exponentially, with racers participating from all over the world, running record-breaking Shootout speeds of up to 244 mph. Even more thrilling, in 2018 alone the Shootout raised $300,000 for local charities and infused millions of dollars into the Lake economy at the end of the tourist season. Since moving to Captain Ron’s, the event has raised nearly $1.5 million for charities and fire districts. Here’s a look at the people behind the Shootout, who continue steering the ship toward greater success…

Shootout Executive Director

In 2017, the decision was made to hire Christy Janssen as the full-time, year-round, Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Executive Director. “Christy is a very high-energy person that has literally taken the Shootout to the next level,” Ron Duggan commended. “We took the Shootout from a two-day event to a 10-day event. Christy has taken it to a year-round event, with something Shootout related happening every month. She works tirelessly to raise funds for our charities. She is a great asset.”

Christy Janssen 

Christy Janssen

photo by Wright Studio 3G

Position: Christy is the Shootout Executive Director, working under the board’s direction.

Shootout Position: She oversees every event the Shootout does, from creating a new event to publicity of established events, working with the charity chairman’s, organizing volunteers, public relations and advertising, sponsors, soliciting bids, attending meetings, setting up Shootout socials and so very much more. 

Business: Shootout Executive Director

Favorite Thing About the Shootout: “My best day is giving out the checks to the people who need it and getting to see how much it means to each of the charities. It is rewarding to help people who have gone through losses in life.” Her favorite quote: “You make a living by what you make, and you make a life by what give.” 

“Christy is doing a fantastic job. She has been a huge relief for all of us who have tried to balance our volunteer time and our work time, that being her main job has helped all of us, especially since the Shootout has so many arms,” Shootout Board Member Kari Maasen said. 


Shootout Board of Directors  

Ron Duggan 

Nicole and Ron Duggan.jpg

photo by Wright Studio 3G

Board Position: Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Board President.

Ron Duggan is the driving force behind the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Powerboat Races, and many will tell you that he is reason it is so very successful. Ron oversees every aspect of the Shootout and he directs the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Board operations and the Shootout Committee. The Shootout committee is a way to delegate the running of all the different aspects of the Shootout. 

Shootout Position: During the races, Ron oversees all land operations on the Captain Ron’s Bar and Grill property and he hosts visiting racers, officials and dignitaries. “Over the years, we have become a close-knit group of friends in the boating community. It is wonderful to see everyone each year. It is like one big family reunion,” Ron said.

Business: Ron is the owner of Sunrise Abstracting and Title Services, Captain Ron’s Bar & Grill, Cannon Smoked Saloon and The Stables, a large event venue.

Favorite thing about the Shootout: Raising money for the charities and fire departments. “That is what it is all about,” Ron said. “That is why the 700 volunteers and the racers participate, because it is such a worthwhile charitable event, benefiting thousands, from every corner of the Lake of the Ozarks.” 

“Almost all of the Shootout board members have been with me from the beginning,” Ron said. “They are all very business minded individuals that understand the impact the Shootout has on the community, and that is why they are involved.” 


Connie Weyer

Connie Weyer.jpg

photo by Wright Studio 3G

Board Position: Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Board Treasurer.

Shootout Position: As treasurer, Connie assists Ron with signing and distributing checks to the charities. Connie and her husband Dave have also assisted with organizing the Shootout Poker Run. This year they will help to coordinate the Inaugural Run What You Brung Shootout Poker Run. They give rides to children in the Wishing On A Ride Powerboat rides for handicapped and ill children. They also participate in just about every Shootout event. 

Business: Connie and Dave own Advantage Marine in Sunrise Beach. 

Favorite thing about the Shootout: “The Wishing On A Ride Powerboat Rides, the Shootout Poker Run and the Shootout Street Party are my favorites. I love that fans can go and talk to the racers and owners and then see them race. I’m a speed junkie and I love the sound of race boats. This is a great group to work with, and we all work together well.”


Frank Scarpino 

Frank Scarpino

photo by Wright Studio 3G

Board Position: Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Board Member

Shootout Position: Frank is in charge of parking approximately 3,300 vehicles during Shootout weekend at Captain Ron’s. He also is responsible for training and coordinating 190 parking volunteers. Frank’s wife Jacki also plays a crucial role behind the scenes at Shootout: she screens and schedules all of those parking volunteers!

Business: He is retired from General Motors, where he worked in international sales of locomotives.

Favorite thing about the Shootout: “The financial support we give to the Lake area charities and fire districts. That is what keeps me going,” Frank enthused. 


Kari Maasen

Keri Maasen.jpg

photo by Wright Studio 3G

Board Position: Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Board Member. 

Shootout Position: Kari oversees the vendor check-in and the Shootout Poker Run Committee. 

Business: Budget Blinds in Laurie. 

Favorite thing about the Shootout: “I love raising money for the local organizations that benefit from the Shootout. I love the fun and the crowds that come from all over the world and seeing so many happy people.”


Kent Morris

Kent Morris.jpg

photo by Wright Studio 3G

Board Position: Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Board Secretary

Position at the Shootout: Kent is in charge of safety on the race course. He sets up the course, closes the course when it is unsafe for boats to run, and he opens the course to racers. He does all this by communicating with the Water Patrol, the race command center, and the start and radar officials. He also advises on the handling of race course and spectator issues. Kent’s son and daughter in-law, Adam and Jane Morris, assist him on the race course as well. Jane prepares all the documents for and coordinates the safety and patrol boats, she distributes radios and answers questions during the races. Kent’s son, Adam Morris, heads the race course patrol boats and spectator safety. He handles all of the issues out on the race course. 

Business: Kent is the owner of the Deepwater Inn and Pirates Point Gas Dock, K&T Seamless Guttering & Siding and Snow Removal and Safe Shuttle Service-Off the Hook Party Bus.

Favorite thing about the Shootout: “The big payoff for me is that we are racing for many local and deserving charities and firefighters. I also love seeing the amazing speeds on the race course and the cheers of the crowds after a spectacular run! I am in front of the crowd, in the safety zone, so I get to see and hear all the excitement up close!” 


Don Silva


photo by Wright Studio 3G

Board Position: Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Board Co-Vice President. Don assists in the oversight of the Shootout Committees and decisions made about the Shootout. 

Shootout Position: Co-Organizer of the Shootout Poker Run. 

Business: Don owns Laurie Motors and Laurie Tent Rental.

Favorite thing about the Shootout: “The racing is my favorite, I love fast boats, and the poker run.”


Mark Maasen

Mark Maasen.jpg

photo by Wright Studio 3G

Board Position: Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Board Co-Vice President. 

Shootout Position: Mark assists in the oversight of the Shootout Committees and all decisions about the Shootout. He also oversees corporate sponsorships. He and his wife Tiffany organize the Wishing On A Ride event and they give boat rides. The couple, and Mark’s brother Mike Maasen, also co-sponsor the Poly Lift/ Shootout Poker Run. During the races, Mark is on site to help coordinate the professional class with the start boat. Mark and Tiffany both race in the Shootout.

Business: Mark is the Co-owner of Poly Lift Boat Lifts.

Favorite thing about the Shootout: “I love handing over the checks to the charities. The responses you get from them warms your heart. I love giving back to the community. My second-favorite is the Wishing On A Ride Powerboat Rides. It is cool to see the smiles on the faces of the special-needs kids, some who are living day-to-day, hoping there will be a tomorrow.”


Diana Dorhauer  

Diana Dorhauer

photo provided

Board Position: Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Board Member 

Shootout Position: Racer registration and the compiling of racer speeds, winners and top gun lists. She has been working in this capacity for 25 years, partly when the Shootout was held at Shooter’s 21. Diana gets a lot of help from faithful team members Kerry Willoughby, Kim Gericke and Jacki Palmquist. Diana’s husband, Lake Ozark Fire Protection District Fire Chief Jeff Dorhauer, is the current president of Lake Race, and he was an integral part of the Shootout, before it was moved to Captain Ron’s. 

Business: Owner of the Grape Vine Hair Salon, Osage Beach. 

Favorite Thing About the Shootout:I have loved meeting the very interesting racers from all over the world and seeing them come back year-after-year, as old friends.” 



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