Ready for some winter fishing action? Lake of the Ozarks fishing guide Jim Dill recommends his Crock-o-Gator Swamp Bug.

"This small but big-in-action bait has proven to be the most productive cold water bait I have used in many years," Dill said. He suggests rigging the lure on a 1/4-oz or 3/8-oz Shakey Football Head. On the hardware side, Dill suggests a Falcon 6'10" finesse jig rod, Lew's 8.3 reel, spooled with 10 or 12 lb floro line. The Swamp Bug slowly hopped on steep banks will get you winter time bites, Dill predicts, noting it works best when water temperatures drop below 48 degrees. 

Lake Fishing Conditions Report, 12/6/2018

Water Level - 658.7


Osage (main channel): 1mm to 28mm clear. 29mm to 40mm stained and 40 on up dirty

Gravois: Clear

Niangua: Clear

Temperature - lower end 46-50, mid lake 45-48, upper lake 42-45

Best baits: 

Lower Lake- Wiggle wart, rock crawler, jigs/swamp bugs, stick baits and A-Rig

Mid Lake - Stick baits, jigs/swamp bugs 

Upper lake:- Jigs, swamp bugs, bright colored stick baits

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