Lake Of The Ozarks Fishing Pro Dion Hibdon Is Back! And With A New Sponsor

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Dion Hibdon

The Lake of the Ozarks community boasts a wealth of professionals and even celebrities: from golf, fishing, boating, college and pro sports, and even world-class chefs. But one renowned pro who has been missing in action lately is World Champion angler Dion Hibdon.

His presence has been missed on the pro fishing tour for a couple of years. But now, Dion is back!

Hibdon has recently been awarded a national sponsorship with TINCUP Whiskey.  Thanks to longtime fan turned angling teammate Luke Foli, the two-time world, five-time career tournament winner, and twenty-year FLW tour pro has been named TINCUP’s newest ambassador.  

Hibdon says he is excited to get to work for TINCUP Whiskey. In explaining how the partnership came about, he credits Luke Foli. Foli not only has fished professionally under Crown Royal’s sponsorship, but he also worked in the liquor business as a marketing professional. “It seemed like a good fit since TINCUP has a marketing campaign focused on living the great outdoor life,” Hibdon shared.

Can we expect to see Hibdon in magazine ads and television? "Absolutely, we will be doing all of that for them," he said. "The TINCUP brand will be added to our boat, clothing, and all other branded gear the Hibdon fishing team is decked out in. The promotional deal will help to boost the TINCUP brand. It’s been around for quite a while, however."

The Hibdon Dynasty

This is the first liquor sponsor for Dion, but definitely not the first brand sponsorship for the Hibdons: Dion and his late father Guido had many partnerships with companies over the years fishing as a team. Guido Hibdon passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer in March 2018.

The Hibdon fishing dynasty needs no introduction to locals, but for those not in the know, the Hibdons hail from the Gravois Mills and Versailles area. Guido, Dion, and Dion’s son Lawson fished together under some of the biggest names in outdoor equipment such as Evinrude, Minn Kota, Garmin, Ranger, Chevrolet, and many more.  The three also have served Lake of the Ozarks as fishing guides for quite a while.

With Luke Foli’s lifelong admiration of the Hibdon fishing duo and his expertise in marketing whiskey, he knew exactly who would be the perfect fit for the Proximo Spirits marketing team and TINCUP Whiskey, when considering a new pro fisherman to represent their brand. As he took time off to be by his ailing father’s side, Dion’s sponsors took their brands to other professional fishermen. That’s no worry for Dion, having netted over $1.3 million in career earnings on the pro fishing circuit; with the addition of Foli and TINCUP, Hibdon will return to the pro circuit.

TINCUP Whiskey

The mellow, 84 proof product is unique in every way: from the bottle design, to suggestions for use and the functional tin-cup lid included on every bottle. The glass bottle is designed in a hexagon shape to prevent rolling: a nod to the Colorado Rockies where the whiskey is produced. Bold and spicy, the drink is cut with mountain spring water. The company wishes to produce a product to not only enjoy in the outdoors but be handy as well. As to whether Hibdon likes the free whiskey the team receives? “You bet: it keeps us warm!” he reports.

The TINCUP pro team will be fishing the FLW Costa Series Bass tournaments in 2020.  Dion tells us that their next planned tournament to participate in will be the Table Rock Lake tournament on May 7th. Their schedule can be found on Facebook at tincupwhiskey, or follow Dion and the TINCUP team at Hibdon’s Facebook page Dion Hibdon, Professional Fisherman.  


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