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When Your Pipes Freeze: Lake Of The Ozarks Restoration Company 'Paul Davis' Has Seen The Worst

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Flooded Living Room - Home Water Pipes Burst Flooding

Most people never think about how water comes through their faucets. But when freezing temperatures burst pipes, it’s all a homeowner can think about. And after days of single-digit and sub-zero temperatures at Lake of the Ozarks, many homes at the Lake may be in danger.

“We’re expecting the phone to go crazy here any day,” said Dennis Shy, owner of Paul Davis Restoration St. Louis & Lake of the Ozarks locations. “The pipes froze between Sunday/Monday, when temperatures were really deep cold. But the phones won’t go crazy until the temperatures rise again and those frozen pipes actually start to thaw. And when they start to thaw, that’s when everyone figures out there’s a hole in it.”

Got water damage? Call Paul Davis Restoration at 636-324-4011 or 573-746-5200.

Frozen and burst pipes can cause leaks, flooding and subsequent water damage to your home. For Lake of the Ozarks vacation home owners, burst pipes can be even more of a threat. Since summer homes are often vacant over the winter, burst pipes and subsequent flooding can sit for months, unknown to anyone. Shy says that he sees about 100 burst pipes a year, but in years with a week or more of subzero temperatures, like we’re seeing at the Lake right now, that number can go up to 300 claims in a month!

“When people are standing in knee-deep water, they’re worried and they’re panicked,” said Tom Quarnstrom, sales manager at Paul Davis Restoration. “But we can come in and stabilize things quickly, and get whatever that problem is stopped.”

Paul Davis Restoration has been in the remediation and restoration business for 55 years. And while they just opened their Lake location, the nationally franchised company is no stranger to water damage even at Lake of the Ozarks, having handled everything from minor leaks to major flooding.

“We had this guy who went on vacation for a month and he shut off the power and heat in his house, trying to save a couple hundred bucks. He comes back and walks into his house and there’s water spraying everywhere,” said Shy. “He had 23 pipes break. We had to basically gut his entire house. Every square inch of drywall, flooring, everything came out and rebuilt it from the ground again.”

Paul Davis also specializes in fire damage, smoke damage, and mold, and they are one of only two companies that offer biohazard cleanup in the Lake Area. And as a full-service restoration company, they offer more than just simple remediation.

“We’re basically a one-stop shop. You get a lot of people who’ll have water damage or a fire, they just don’t know contractors. They have a company come in and do the mitigation work and then say, ‘You’re on your own now,’ and they’re out there trying to find a good contractor. When we do that for them, we’re the contractor.”

Recover & reboot your home: Call Paul Davis Restoration at 636-324-4011 or 573-746-5200. Or visit them online:

Homeowners — especially those who don’t live at the Lake full-time — don’t always know who they can trust, and whether the contractor they’ve hired will do the work correctly. The restorers at Paul Davis confront that head-on, and emphasize they do the work the right way, never cutting corners.

“I was invited into a home with a mold problem by a potential customer who said, ‘Can’t you just paint over that?’” Quarnstrom recalled. “I’m not going to paint over it, I’m not gonna ever do anything that would jeopardize the integrity of doing it the right way.”

For more information about how to keep your pipes from freezing this winter, check out this information from Paul Davis. For anyone suffering from burst pipes or any other damage in need of remediation, Paul Davis offers free inspections and quotes.

Call Paul Davis Restoration at 636-324-4011 or 573-746-5200.

Learn more:

Frozen pipe prevention tips

• Insulate by wrapping pipes where freezing potential is greatest.

• Seal drafts and air leaks near water pipes. 

• Open cabinet doors under sinks to allow warm are to circulate.

• Ensure garage doors are sealed tight and keep them closed if pipes are near.

• Turn on faucets near exterior walls to allow a trickle of water to flow through.

• Turn hose bib valves to the off position.

• Keep the heat on in your home or business.

What to do if a pipe bursts?

• Call Paul Davis Restoration: 636-324-4011 or 573-746-5200

• All faucets need to be opened.

• Shut off water main to the house.

• After pipes have thawed turn all water valves in the house off and check the water meter for any missed cracks.

• Call a plumber if all else fails.


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