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Summer Fun At Dog Days! Hit This Lake Hotspot For Great Food, Drinks, & Bands [FULL BAND SCHEDULE]

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Dog Days is the Lake of the Ozarks party spot, right in the middle of the Lake’s action! At the intersection of the Glaize Arm and the main channel, Dog Days is just a short boat ride from most of the Lake, and it’s a favorite for any Lake crowd needing a guaranteed good time. A stop at Dog Days always means there is plenty of good fun, great food, and delicious drinks in store!

Boaters are drawn to Dog Days’ crystal clear swimming pool, ample seating, and beautiful view. With tropical cabanas and pool-side service, Dog Days is a Lakeside paradise, with everything a vacationer could want at Lake of the Ozarks. The popular Wooftop Bar can be reserved for private events, accommodating between 40 – 70 people.

Reserve the Wooftop Bar online.

View Dog Days' menu online.

Get directions to Dog Days.

Dog Days has a hot lineup of live music to keep the weekend (or weekday) party going — you’ll find upbeat live music & DJs every weekend at Dog Days (see a schedule at the end of this article). 

For this summer, try some of these top dishes next time you go…

Full Food & Drink Spread

Old Fashioned Burger: This burger is as classic as they come, with thin beef patties, melted cheese and a sautéed onions to tie it together perfectly! And, of course, you can’t go wrong with Dog Day’s fries!

Dog Days - Old Fashioned Burger

BBQ Pork Nachos: These nachos are as exceptional as they are huge! Dog Days boasts some of the biggest nacho platters at the Lake, and with pulled pork, hot melted cheese, a spicy pop of jalapeños, and — of course — the snap of the perfect corn chip, these are just the menu item for an afternoon with friends on the Lake.

Dog Days - BBQ Pork Nachos

Chipotle Chicken Tacos: Spiced pulled chicken, fresh green lettuce, sweet corn and peppers all come together for a taco to die for! And the spicy aioli sauce over the top is the chef’s special! 

Dog Days - Chipotle Chicken Tacos

Ahi Tuna: This appetizer features pink and delectable ahi tuna with a drizzle of sauce that heightens the delicate flavor of the ahi for a perfect mid-afternoon snack. Comes with pink ginger and mild wasabi in case you need an extra kick!

Dog Days - Ahi Tuna

To Drink…

Blood Orange Margarita: If you’re a margarita fan, this Blood Orange twist won’t disappoint! With a tart orange taste and a bright twist of lime, this summer fun cocktail is finished off with a shot of Teremana Silver Tequila! 

Dog Days - Blood Orange Margarita

Mango Moscato Creamsicle: Cream soda lovers rejoice! This sweet and creamy Mango Creamsicle is a sweet treat with white wine flair. 

Dog Days - Mango Moscato Creamsicle

Twisted Tea Sweet Tea Whiskey Lemonade: This is twisted tea with an extra twist (of whiskey!) The tea gives a sweet and mild backdrop to the lemon and whiskey. It’s a great choice for tea-lovers and whiskey-lovers alike and it’s a true kicking-back drink. 

Dog Days - Twisted Tea Sweet Tea Whiskey Lemonade

Dog Days’ Summer Entertainment Schedule:


20 Dead Roads 8p

25 Justin Larkin 6p

26 DJ Taz 1p    Molly Lovette Band 9p 

27 DJ Taz 1p    Machine Gun Symphony 9p

28 DJ Taz 1p   The Mixtapes 9p

29 DJ Taz 1p



1 Justin Larkin 6p

2 Wildfire 9p

3 DJ Taz 1p    Phat Mike and the Bartenders 9p

4 Randall Shreve 2p

5 The Nobodies Duo 6p

6 The 19th Annual White Party

8 Whiskey Trio 6p

9 Retro Nerds 9p

10 DJ Mikey J 1p   Brock Wade Band 9p

11 Brock Wade Duo 6p

12 Brock Wade 6p

15 Whiskey Trio 6p

16 The Nobodies 9p

17 DJ Mikey J 1p   Phat Mike and the Bartenders 9p

18 Bryan Copeland 2p

19 Randall Shreve 6p

22 Justin Larkin 6p

23 The Mixtapes 9p

24 DJ Mikey J 1p  James Clay and the Hired Guns 9p

25 Dale Blue 1p

26 The Nobodies Duo 6p

29 Whiskey Trio 6p

30 The Mixtapes 9p



1 DJ Mikey J 1p    Machine Gun Symphony 9p

2 DJ Mikey J 1p    The Nobodies 9p

3 DJ Taz 1p

4 DJ Mikey J 1p

6 Justin Larkin 6p

7 Dead Roads 9p

8 DJ Mikey J 1p    Wildfire 9p

9 Bryan Copeland 2p

10 The Nobodies Duo 6p

13 Justin Larkin 6p

14 Whiskey Trio 9p

15 DJ Mikey J 1p   Brock Wade Band 9p

16 Brock Wade Duo 2p

17 Brock Wade 6p

20 Justin Larkin 6p

21 Dead Roads 9p

22 DJ Mikey J 1p    The Nobodies 9p

23 Baub Eis Band 2p

24 Randall Shreve 6p

27 Justin Larkin 6p

28 Molly Lovette Band 9p

29 DJ Mikey J 1p    Phat Mike and the Bartenders 9p

30 Bryan Copeland 2p

31 Bryan Copeland 6p



3 Justin Larkin 6p

4 The Juice 9p

5 DJ Mikey J 1p   The Mixtapes 9p

6 The Juice From Concentrate 2p

7 The Nobodies Duo 6p

10 Justin Larkin 6p

11 Whiskey Trio 9p

12 DJ Mikey J 1p    Brock Wade Band 9p

13 Brock Wade Duo 2p

14 Brock Wade 6p

17 Justin Larkin 6p

18 The Nobodies 9p

19 DJ Mikey J 1p    Dead Roads 9p

20 Bryan Copeland 2p

24 Justin Larkin 6p

25 Molly Lovette Band 9p

26 Phat Mike and the Bartenders 9p

27 Baub Eis Band 2p

31 Justin Larkin 6p


1 Whiskey Trio 9p

2 DJ Mikey J 1p    Machine Gun Symphony 9p

3 DJ Mikey J 1p    The Mixtapes 9p

8 Bryan Copeland 8p

9 Randall Shreve 8p

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