New Kayak Dock Installed At Ha Ha Tonka By One Source Services Keeps The Lake's Paddling Scene Rising

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Kayak Meetup - Launch Installed By One Source
Girl On Permalaunch

LAKE OF THE OZARKS, HA HA TONKA COVE — It's a common struggle when climbing awkwardly into a kayak at the dock: the wobble of the legs, and suddenly you've toppled headlong into the water.

A new floating kayak dock called "Permalaunch" solves that problem, and the kayak launch area at Ha Ha Tonka just got their first Permalaunch, as the Lake of the Ozarks' paddling scene continues to rise in popularity. The dock was installed, gratis, courtesy of One Source Services. One Source has found a successful niche in providing full dock builds and dock modifications, along with flotation products (through cellofoam®, which manufactures the Permalaunch and a full line of dock flotation products).

The Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance (LOWA) is a major promoter of paddling activities at nation's most popular recreational lake, and the organization has spearheaded the development of the kayak launch area along with monthly kayak meet-ups.

LOWA Executive Director Donna Swall said, "LOWA is so thankful for One Source and their gracious donation of rip rap shore protection, barge servicing, ramp, dock section, labor, and of course, the new and exciting Permalaunch Kayak Launch. One Source has become such a wonderful partner, and they truly understand the importance of water quality at the Lake."


Here's a look at how Permalaunch works:

On Sept. 14, at the monthly meetup, LOWA is planning a celebration at the dock launch. There'll be an introduction/demonstration at 8:30 a.m. followed by a potluck lunch at noon. There will also be a drawing for a Sit On Fishing Kayak valued at over $300 prior to the potluck. Then on September 22 at 8:30 a.m., LOWA is hosting the 3rd Annual Niangua Darter Fun Run Float/Paddle, which is a 13 mile fun run float from Whistle Bridges to Ha Ha Tonka. Registration for this event has been extended up until the morning of the float. Register HERE to participate!

One Source owner Marty Ostronic appreciates LOWA's mission to keep the Lake clean. "When I heard about LOWA's Kayak Meet Ups, I offered to donate a Permalaunch Kayak Launch, and it just grew from there. We have installed a dock section and ramp specifically for the Permalaunch as well as 120 tons of rip rap next to the site."

Rip Rap 1

According to Ostronic, "One Source Services wants to be the solution for all of your Lake needs - your one stop shop from the shoreline to your dock." The business offers an array of services for Lake homeowners' needs: boat docks, shoreline protection, retaining walls, rip rap, barge services, and more.

A full list of services and links to view One Source's work can be found at

With two barges and ample crews to man them, One Source Services has been installing rip rap all year, although the busiest time is when the Lake level drops, January through March. Then, seawall problems are exposed. Most commonly, the kinetic energy of waves in the Lake slowly erode around, beneath, and ultimately behind seawalls. If the problem isn't addressed soon enough, a homeowner can (and many have) suddenly discover part of their backyard between the house and the seawall has vanished. The water will often erode underneath the wall, and begin pulling away at the earth beneath the yard. A heavy rain can collapse the area, and that means major expense for the homeowner.

Rip rap solves that problem by providing an impenetrable defense between the water and the shoreline. Seawalls reflect the energy of waves, instantly dispersing a large amount of energy. That creates choppier coves, and also results in water beginning to dig out the underside of the wall. But rip rap works differently. The multifarious, asymmetrical shapes of the many rocks essentially "confuse" the energy of a wave. Rather than reflecting the wave's energy en masse, in the same direction, like a seawall, rip rap causes every wave to be dismantled by being reflected in a million different directions. That preserves the shoreline, and also results in calmer coves.

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