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Lake Spider Netting Solves Lake Of The Ozarks Boaters' Arachno-Problems [PHOTOS]

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Lake Spider Netting Protects Boats From Spider Droppings

Most Lake lovers can relate to that stomach-turning moment when after running to the dock eager to begin a day on the water, you find your beloved watercraft encrusted with a whitish-grey goo, better known as spider poo.

And if you’ve ever tried to clean off the hard-as-concrete detritus, you know it isn’t for the weak of heart. In fact, while there are a few products specifically designed to tackle the challenge, it takes more than a little elbow grease to remove the worst of the gunk, and it might still leave a stain. Sadly, this means you might spend more time cleaning your boat than actually using it.

As with most detrimental situations, the best defense is a good offense. And fortunately, there is a company in the Lake area that can help you do just that.

Founded by owner Todd Gregg in 2017, Lake Spider Netting is a company that installs an innovative system that secures mesh netting material under the roof of a dock to prevent spiders and their droppings from landing on the watercraft below.

(Contact Lake Spider Netting at 573-434-0673)

Made from heavy-duty polypropylene material, the product is durable, maintenance-free, affordable, and can be customized to fit any dock. Suspended just below the roof of the dock, the netting material spans the length and width of each boat slip, rippling slightly with the breeze.

As a full-time lake resident, Gregg is very familiar with the challenges of protecting boats and other watercraft from becoming home to Mother Nature’s creepy crawlers.

“If you never owned a boat or lived around the water, you might think that cleaning up spider droppings isn’t a big deal,” Gregg said. “But the reality is that it can do significant damage to your boat and leave permanent stains on the gel coating.”

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With nearly 40 years in the construction industry to his credit, Gregg is an avid believer in the “measure twice, cut once” rule of carpentry, and he applies it to every Spider Netting installation. Lake Spider Netting comes with a three-year warranty and the company currently has a three-week turnaround time for installation. This attention to detail, along with the ease and effectiveness of the product, has garnered positive reviews from local boat owners.

“There really isn’t anything like it available in the Lake area,” Gregg said. “Our original concept was to protect boats from bugs, webs, droppings and such, with a dependable, affordable product, but our customers have requested covers for personal watercraft, seating areas and other parts of their docks.”

“The cost of our Spider Netting compared to other types of hanging boat slip covers is minimal,” Gregg said. “It’s a cost-effective way to literally cover your boating investment.”

Learn more about Lake Spider Netting at or call Todd Gregg at 573-434-0673.