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Is Your Lake View Overgrown? Col-Yer Tree Care Brings It Back

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Lake of the Ozarks’ 1,150 miles of shoreline are lined with tens of thousands of homes, built because someone dreamed of living in a lake house with a lake view.

But lake views have a tendency to get smaller, as the thick Ozarks canopy of trees stretch branches and leaves across those open spaces. And the work of recovering that Lake view is not suited for an amateur with a chainsaw: docks, boats, nearby lake homes, fences, and more all converge to make tree trimming work on the lakefront a delicate task.

That’s where Col-Yer Tree Care comes in. (Contact Col-Yer Tree Care at 573-528-9362.)

Former Navy Seal Luke M. Colyer found his calling 19 years ago after Hurricane Isabel hit Virginia Beach: he worked a chainsaw to clean up the disaster zone, and has been scrambling up giant trees ever since. Col-Yer Tree Care specializes in the kinds of tricky situations that abound at Lake of the Ozarks. Luke and his crew use whatever means necessary in their “Trim to View” service, which helps open up the lake view for homes that used to have one before the trees crowded in.

Whether it’s utilizing climbing gear to start at the top and selectively cut branches, or using a crane to remove the tree piece-by-piece, Luke’s crew knows what tools will get the job done, and they know how to use them.

Col-Yer Tree Care’s crew is focused on excellence: they chip and remove all limbs and twigs, and can also provide landscaping services after the job is done.

Col-Yer Tree Care is a veteran-owned and operated business, and Luke points to his time as a Navy Seal as instilling values of excellence that he carries into his work now. “I pride myself in cleaning up,” Luke said. “You’re going to get what you pay for, and we clean up well. Attention to detail: that’s one thing… anybody can make a mess, but the art is in cleaning up!”

Ready to open up your Lake view? Call Col-Yer Tree Care at 573-528-9362. If Luke doesn’t answer, leave a message: he’s probably running the chainsaw!

View more photos and videos on Col-Yer Tree Care’s Facebook page.

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