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Is Your Lake Home Ready For Winter? One Thing Homeowners Forget To Check

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Winter is just around the corner, and Lake residents and second home owners know that the weather at the Lake can easily fluctuate from one day to the next – and even from the morning to the afternoon. Mother Nature is tricky that way, so, before it’s too late, you need to get your heating unit inspected.

Maintenance on your heating unit is different than getting it inspected. Maintenance includes cleaning the fan motor, since the more dust and dirt on motor, the harder the unit has to work which will cost you more in utility bills and possible premature failure. But during an inspection, each component of your unit is tested and inspected to make sure everything is working properly. If any of the components are weak, it can impair your unit’s ability to heat your home and possibly result in higher utility bills or worse. “Your heating system is the heart of your home. If it stops working in the winter, your pipes can burst and cause severe damage to your home,” says Abrahm Mayo, owner of Honest Abe’s Home Services. This is particularly important for second home owners, since they’re not always there when major disasters like this can happen.

Mayo recommends that you get your inspection done in the month of November, especially since no one wants to have a malfunctioning heating unit on Thanksgiving Day – or any other day! And as December rolls around, Lake roads often get icy and slick, and it’s possible that a service person can’t get to your home if roads haven’t been cleared. “As of the beginning of November,” Mayo points out, “MoDot hasn’t hired even half of the salt and snowplow operators required to clear Missouri roads this winter season.” This can cause huge delays in getting your street cleared.

You don’t need to be at home during an inspection, which is especially great for second home owners. A service person just needs access to your heating unit and a phone number where you can be reached to discuss any issues that may arise. Honest Abe’s has a ‘Same Day/Next Day’ policy and are available 24/7, so they’ll be able to come out and inspect your unit when you need it.

It’s essential that you get your heating/cooling unit inspected twice a year – in spring and fall – not just to make sure it’s working properly, but also because most manufacturer’s warranties will become null and void without them.

Honest Abe’s offers a full menu of 24-hour plumbing, septic, heating and cooling services, and mold testing. They will soon be offering additional services.

To get your heating unit inspected, or for any of the other services that Honest Abe’s provides, call 573-223-8518 or visit or their location at 1005 Jeffries Road in Osage Beach.


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