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Honest Abe’s Home Services Invests In The Lake Community, By Investing In Employees

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Honest Abe's Home Services

When you’re hiring contractors to work on your Lake home, it can be tough to know where to look, or how to weed out the good from the bad. This is true for full-time residents, but doubly so for second-home owners. Enter Honest Abe’s Home Services. Abrahm Mayo has focused on building this growing business by hiring high-quality employees, and paying them high-quality pay: for him, that’s a recipe for success. Honest Abe’s Home Services is handling the plumbing, heating, cooling and mold testing services for an increasing number of clients at the Lake. Click to view Honest Abe’s website.

Abrahm Mayo and his team have offered 24/7 emergency service and flat-rate pricing for the last three years in the Lake area. They work in Eldon, Camdenton, Lake Ozark, Sunrise Beach, Linn Creek, Gravois Mills, Laurie, Versailles and Edwards. Originally, Honest Abe’s offered heating and cooling services but began expanded services because of the number of requests from clients. The team at Honest Abe’s strives for a same-day/next-day service for customers, and the business is growing rapidly because of it.

The secret sauce—as any business owner knows—is in the employees. Abrahm goes to great lengths to offer competitive and compelling benefits and pay to employees in the trades. He breaks down the pay & benefits package this way:

-High hourly wage — because it is what he knows is the right thing to do. 

-100% paid for health, vision, and dental insurance for all employees 

-An HSA account by choice paired with a life insurance policy at no cost to the employee. 

-The company has even began to pay for 100% of all the children of the employees health, vision, and dental insurance after 60 days of employment. 

-After a year, employees are eligible for 100% paid for family health, vision, and dental insurance. 

-After a year, Honest Abe’s makes a 5% match on a 401k retirement plan after one year of employment.

-Paid vacations for employees, spanning from one week to three weeks/year.

Abrahm has worked in the industry for years and used to run a company in Illinois. His wife (Carriell) convinced him to start his own business. She is originally from the Lake area, and they moved here for that reason and many others: they both thoroughly enjoy the activities and opportunities the Lake offers. Abrahm has lived in 9 states and 2 countries, but after visiting the Lake for several years his family decided to call this place “home.” He says he saw opportunities here to provide both employees and customers with an excellent experience. He sees his pay and benefits package as a way of investing in people, and in the community.

“When you’re taking care of employees like we are, they take care of customers tenfold,” Abrahm said.

All the employees at Honest Abe’s go through background tests and drug tests to ensure a safe environment for all. Abrahm’s family is very particular about who is let into their own home, so he wants to ensure every customer is treated the same way he would treat his own family. “Our business is growing like crazy because of all the awesome people that work here, as well as the awesome customer base that we have come to know and love,” he said. “They appreciate the value and exceptional customer service we are providing to everyone around the Lake.”

Honest Abe’s has remained open full-time during the Coronavirus pandemic; plumbing, heating, and cooling problems do not slow down just because of shutdowns. They respond to each customer’s preferences and requests when it comes to heightened concerns about sanitization these days, too.

“Our community means so much to us,” Abrahm said, “so we find opportunities to help out anywhere we can!”

Honest Abe’s may be a small company, but Abrahm deeply cares about the Lake, his employees, and the entire community. And the investment is paying off for everyone.


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