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Does Your IRA Stink? 3 Ways This Traditional Investment Tool Is Losing Its Luster [AUDIO]

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The Grand Glaize Wealth Management Team

The IRA has been a favorite investment tool for years, but they may not be as appealing now as they once were.

Derrick Brauner, partner and financial advisor at Grand Glaize Wealth Management in Osage Beach, spoke on a radio show recently about concerns over IRAs as well as other concerns about traditional means of investing.

Brauner points out three current concerns about IRAs:

1) Likelihood of higher taxes in the future of the U.S. An IRA is an implicit expectation that taxes would be lower in the future. (Note: this concern would not apply to a Roth IRA.)

2) The elimination of "The Stretch" since the SECURE Act was passed. This means beneficiaries of IRAs could end up with enormous tax implications.

3) Lower projected returns from the stock market on the horizon.

Learn more: listen to Derrick Brauner with Grand Glaize Wealth Management talking about how to manage your IRA, below...